We Care Worldwide

Worldwide Fruit’s “We Care Worldwide” is our commitment to ensure we take a responsible approach to People, Climate and the Products that we sell.

Our sustainability strategy will focus on the issues that matter the most not just now but also in the future to ensure our impact on the environment is minimal and we enrich the communities where we operate.

Our ambition is to have a positive impact towards protecting the natural resources that are critical in the production of the food that we sell. We will help our growers farm in harmony with nature and by doing so, help preserve the natural landscape for the future generations.  

We will be relentless in our focus to reduce food and non-food waste across our total supply chain through our “Zero Waste strategy”. We will make a difference through our actions and the choices that we make.

Health and Safety of our employees, our customers, and the workers within our supply chain is paramount and underpins our business operations.

People are at the centre of everything we do, and we are driven by being the “employee of choice” and a supplier who helps shape the quality of life in a positive way throughout our supply chains.

We take responsibility to making sure we deliver our sustainability strategy and want to be recognised as an industry pacesetter for our sustainability achievements.

We want to be regarded as “Trusted” on all aspects of sustainability to help us enable being our “Customers First Choice”.

Our Priorities

Ethical Trading

The image illustrates Worldwide Fruits three year ethical plan, with projects covering our ethical frame work and supporting human rights across our supply chains.